Section 1

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

[Mursalat 77:1] By oath of those that are sent, one after the other. (The verses of the Holy Qur’an or the angels or the winds).

[Mursalat 77:2] Then by oath of those that push with a strong gust.

[Mursalat 77:3] Then by oath of those that lift and carry.

[Mursalat 77:4] Then by those that clearly differentiate the right and wrong.

[Mursalat 77:5] And then by those that instil Remembrance into the hearts.

[Mursalat 77:6] To complete the argument or to warn.

[Mursalat 77:7] Indeed what you are promised, will surely befall.

[Mursalat 77:8] So when the lights of the stars are put out.

[Mursalat 77:9] And when the sky is split apart.

[Mursalat 77:10] And when the mountains are made into dust and blown away.

[Mursalat 77:11] And when the time of the Noble Messengers arrives.

[Mursalat 77:12] For which day were they appointed?

[Mursalat 77:13] For the Day of Decision.

[Mursalat 77:14] And what do you know, what the Day of Decision is!

[Mursalat 77:15] Ruin is for the deniers on that day!

[Mursalat 77:16] Did We not destroy the earlier people?

[Mursalat 77:17] We shall then send the latter after them.

[Mursalat 77:18] This is how We deal with the guilty.

[Mursalat 77:19] Ruin is for the deniers on that day!