Section 1

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

[Qalam 68:1] Nuun* - by oath of the pen and by oath of what is written by it. (Alphabet of the Arabic language; Allah and to whomever He reveals, know their precise meanings.)

[Qalam 68:2] You are not insane, by the munificence of your Lord.

[Qalam 68:3] And indeed for you is an infinite reward.

[Qalam 68:4] And indeed you possess an exemplary character.

[Qalam 68:5] So very soon, you will see and they too will realise -

[Qalam 68:6] - That who among you was insane.

[Qalam 68:7] Indeed your Lord well knows those who have strayed from His path, and He well knows those who are upon guidance.

[Qalam 68:8] Therefore do not listen to the deniers.

[Qalam 68:9] They wish that in some way you may yield, so they too might soften their stand.

[Qalam 68:10] Nor ever listen to any excessive oath maker, ignoble person.

[Qalam 68:11] The excessively insulting one, spreader of spite.

[Qalam 68:12] One who excessively forbids the good, transgressor, sinner.

[Qalam 68:13] Foul mouthed, and in addition to all this, of improper lineage.

[Qalam 68:14] Because he* has some wealth and sons. ( * Walid bin Mugaira, who cursed the Holy Prophet.)

[Qalam 68:15] When Our verses are recited to him, he says, “These are stories of earlier people.”