[Fath 48:24] And it is He Who restrained their hands from you, and your hands from them in the valley of Makkah, after having given you control over them; and Allah sees all what you do.

[Fath 48:25] It was these who disbelieved and prevented you from the Sacred Mosque, and stopped the sacrificial animals from reaching their place; and were it not for some Muslim men and Muslim women, whom you do not know - lest you may crush them and unintentionally incur some violation due to them - Allah would have permitted you to slay them; this relief for them, is so that Allah may admit into His mercy whomever He wills; and had they been separated, We would have indeed punished the disbelievers among them with a painful punishment.

Section 4

[Fath 48:26] Whereas the disbelievers had set up in their hearts an obstinacy - the same obstinacy of the days of ignorance - so Allah sent down His solace upon His Noble Messenger and upon the believers, and decreed upon them the words of piety, and they were more deserving and suitable for it; and Allah is the All Knowing.

[Fath 48:27] Allah has indeed made the truthful dream of His Noble Messenger, come true; indeed you will all enter the Sacred Mosque, if Allah wills, in safety - with your heads shaven or hair cut short - without fear; so He knows what you do not know, and has therefore ordained another imminent victory before this.

[Fath 48:28] It is He Who has sent His Noble Messenger with the guidance and the true religion, in order to make it prevail over all other religions; and Allah is sufficient as a Witness. (The Holy Prophet is a light from Allah.)

[Fath 48:29] Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him) is the Noble Messenger of Allah; and his companions are stern with the disbelievers and merciful among themselves - you will see them bowing and falling in prostration, seeking Allah’s munificence and His pleasure; their signs are on their faces, from the effects of prostrations; this trait of theirs is mentioned in the Taurat; and their trait is mentioned in the Injeel; like a cultivation that sprouted its shoot, then strengthened it, then thickened and then stood firm upon its stem, pleasing the farmer - in order to enrage the disbelievers with them; Allah has promised forgiveness and a great reward to those among them who have faith and do good deeds.