[Jasiya 45:23] Just look at him who makes his desire as his God, and Allah has sent him astray despite his having knowledge, and set a seal upon his ears and his heart, and a covering upon his eyes; so who will guide him after Allah? So do you not ponder?

[Jasiya 45:24] And they said, “There is nothing except our life of this world - we die and we live - and nothing destroys us except the passage of time”; and they do not have any knowledge of it; they only make guesses.

[Jasiya 45:25] And when Our clear verses are recited to them, their only argument is, “Bring back our forefathers, if you are truthful!”

[Jasiya 45:26] Proclaim (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), “It is Allah Who gives you life, then will give you death, then will gather you all on the Day of Resurrection in which there is no doubt, but most people do not know.”

Section 4

[Jasiya 45:27] And to Allah only belongs the kingship of the heavens and the earth; and when the Last Day is established - on that day the followers of falsehood will suffer loss.

[Jasiya 45:28] And you will see every group down on its knees; every group will be called towards its book of deeds; “This day you will be repaid for what you did.”

[Jasiya 45:29] “This Book of Ours speaks against you with the truth; indeed We had been recording all what you did.”

[Jasiya 45:30] So those who believed and did good deeds - their Lord will admit them into His mercy; this is the clear triumph.

[Jasiya 45:31] And to those who disbelieved, it will be said “Was it not that Our verses were recited to you? In response you were haughty and were a guilty people.”

[Jasiya 45:32] “And when it was said, ‘Indeed Allah’s promise is true and there is no doubt regarding the Last Day”, you used to say, ‘We do not know what the Last Day is - we think it is nothing except an imagination, and we are not convinced.’ ”

[Jasiya 45:33] And the evils of their deeds appeared to them, and the punishment they used to mock at encompassed them.

[Jasiya 45:34] And it will be said, “This day We shall forsake you, the way you had forgotten the confronting of this day of yours - and your destination is the fire, and you do not have any supporters.”

[Jasiya 45:35] “This is because you mocked at the signs of Allah, and the worldly life deceived you”; so this day they are not to be removed from the fire, nor will anyone seek amends from them.

[Jasiya 45:36] So all praise is for Allah only, the Lord of the heavens and the Lord of the earth, the Lord of the Creation!

[Jasiya 45:37] And for Him only is the Greatness, in the heavens and in the earth; and He only is the Most Honourable, the Wise.