[Zukhruf 43:34] And doors of silver for their houses and couches of silver upon which they would recline.

[Zukhruf 43:35] And diverse adornments; and all this is usage only of the life of this world; and the Hereafter with your Lord, is for the pious.

Section 4

[Zukhruf 43:36] And whoever is averse to the Remembrance of the Most Gracious, We appoint a devil upon him, who stays with him.

[Zukhruf 43:37] And indeed those devils prevent them from the Straight Path, and they think they are on guidance!

[Zukhruf 43:38] To the extent that when the disbeliever will be brought to Us, he will say to his devil, “Alas - if only there was the distance* of east and west, between you and me!” - so what an evil companion** he is! (* Had I not listened to you. **They will be bound together in chains.)

[Zukhruf 43:39] (It will be said to them) “And you will not benefit from them this day, whereas you are unjust - for you are all partners in the punishment.”

[Zukhruf 43:40] So will you make the deaf listen or show the path to the blind, and to those who are in open error? (The disbelievers whose hearts are sealed, are deaf and blind to the truth).

[Zukhruf 43:41] So if We take you away, We shall then indeed take revenge from them.

[Zukhruf 43:42] Or show you what We have promised them - We therefore have complete control over them.

[Zukhruf 43:43] Therefore hold fast to what We have divinely revealed to you; indeed you are upon the Straight Path. (The Holy Prophets can never go astray).

[Zukhruf 43:44] And it is undoubtedly an honour for you and your people; and you will soon be questioned.

[Zukhruf 43:45] And ask them - did any of the Noble Messengers We sent before you, appoint any other Gods except the Most Gracious, whom they used to worship?

Section 5

[Zukhruf 43:46] And indeed We sent Moosa along with Our signs towards Firaun and his chieftains - he therefore said, “Indeed I am a Noble Messenger of the Lord of the Creation.”

[Zukhruf 43:47] So when he brought Our signs to them, they started mocking at them!