[Zukhruf 43:11] And Who sent down water from the sky with a proper measure, so We revived a dead city with it; this is how you will be taken out.

[Zukhruf 43:12] And the One Who created all pairs, and made the ships and cattle as rides for you.

[Zukhruf 43:13] So that you may properly mount their backs, and may remember your Lord’s favour when you have mounted them, and say, “Purity is to Him, Who has given this ride in our control, and we did not have the strength for it.”

[Zukhruf 43:14] “And indeed we have to return to our Lord.”

[Zukhruf 43:15] And from His bondmen, they appointed a portion for Him; man is indeed an open ingrate.


Section 2

[Zukhruf 43:16] Has He chosen daughters for Himself from His creation, and selected only sons for you?

[Zukhruf 43:17] And if one of them is given the glad tidings of what he professes regarding the Most Gracious, his face blackens and he is mournful!

[Zukhruf 43:18] And (do they chose for Him) one who is brought up among ornaments, and cannot express herself clearly in debate?

[Zukhruf 43:19] And they appoint the angels, who are the bondmen of the Most Gracious, as females; were they present at the time of the angels’ creation? Their declaration will be now recorded and they will be questioned.

[Zukhruf 43:20] And they say, “If the Most Gracious had willed, we would not have worshipped them!” They do not know its truth at all; they only make guesses.

[Zukhruf 43:21] Or have We given them some Book before this, to which they hold fast?

[Zukhruf 43:22] Rather they said, “We found our forefathers upon a religion, and we are following their footsteps.”