Section 3

[Saad 38:27] And We have not created the heaven and the earth and all that is between them without purpose; this is what the disbelievers assume; therefore ruin is for the disbelievers, by the fire.

[Saad 38:28] Shall We make those who believe and do good deeds equal to those who spread turmoil in the earth? Or shall We equate the pious with the disobedient?

[Saad 38:29] This is a Book which We have sent down upon you, a blessed Book, for them to ponder upon its verses, and for men of intellect to accept advice.

[Saad 38:30] And We bestowed Sulaiman to Dawud; what an excellent bondman! He is indeed most inclined.

[Saad 38:31] When eager, fast footed steeds were presented to him at evening.

[Saad 38:32] Therefore Sulaiman said, “I cherish the love of these horses *, out of remembrance of my Lord”; he then ordered them to be raced until they vanished in a curtain out of sight. (To be used in holy war.)

[Saad 38:33] He then ordered, “Bring them back to me”; and he began caressing their shins and necks.

[Saad 38:34] And We indeed tested Sulaiman, and placed a dead body on his throne – he therefore inclined towards His Lord.

[Saad 38:35] He said, “My Lord! Forgive me and bestow upon me a kingdom, which shall not befit anyone after me; indeed only You are the Great Bestower.”

[Saad 38:36] We therefore gave the wind under his control, moving steadily by his command wherever he wished.

[Saad 38:37] And made the demons subservient to him, all builders and divers.

[Saad 38:38] And other demons bound in chains.

[Saad 38:39] “This is Our bestowal - you may therefore bestow favours or withhold them – you will not be questioned.”

[Saad 38:40] And indeed for him in Our presence are, surely, proximity and an excellent abode.

Section 4

[Saad 38:41] And remember Our bondman Ayyub (Job); when he cried out * to his Lord, “The devil has struck me with hardship and pain.” (After seven years of patience.)

[Saad 38:42] We said to him, “Strike the earth with your foot; this cool spring is for bathing and drinking.” (A spring of gushed forth when he struck the earth – this was a miracle.)