[Saba 34:40] And on the day when He will raise them all, and then say to the angels, “Did they worship you?”

[Saba 34:41] They will say, “Purity is to you – only you are our Supporter, not they; in fact they worshipped the jinns; most of them believed only in them.”

[Saba 34:42] So this day you will not have the power to benefit or hurt one another; and We shall say to the unjust, “Taste the punishment of the fire which you used to deny!”

[Saba 34:43] And if Our clear verses are recited to them, they say, “He is nothing but a man who wishes to turn you away from the deities of your forefathers!”; and they say, “This is nothing but a fabricated lie”; and said the disbelievers regarding the truth when it reached them, “This is nothing but obvious magic.”

[Saba 34:44] And We did not give them any Books which they may read, nor did We send to them any Herald of Warning before you.

[Saba 34:45] And those before them had denied - and these have not reached even a tenth of what We had given them – so they denied My Noble Messengers; so how did My rejection turn out?

Section 6

[Saba 34:46] Proclaim, “I advise you just one thing; that stand up for Allah's sake, in twos and ones, and then think”; there is not a trace of insanity in this companion of yours; he is not but a Herald of Warning for you, before the advent of a severe punishment!

[Saba 34:47] Say, “Whatever fee I might have asked from you upon this, is yours; my reward is only upon Allah; and He is Witness over all things.”

[Saba 34:48] Proclaim, “Indeed my Lord sends down the truth; the All Knowing of all the hidden.”