[Naml 27:23] “I have seen a woman who rules over them, and she has been given from all things, and she has a mighty throne.”

[Naml 27:24] “I found her and her nation prostrating before the sun instead of Allah, and Satan has made their deeds seem good to them thereby preventing them from the Straight Path - so they do not attain guidance.”

[Naml 27:25] “Why do they not prostrate to Allah, Who brings forth the things hidden in the heavens and the earth, and knows all what you hide and all what you disclose?”

[Naml 27:26] “Allah - there is no True God except Him, the Owner of the Great Throne.” (Command of Prostration # 8)

[Naml 27:27] Said Sulaiman, “We shall now see whether you spoke the truth or are among the liars.”

[Naml 27:28] “Go with this letter of mine and drop it upon them - then move aside from them and see what they answer in return.”

[Naml 27:29] The woman said, “O chieftains, indeed a noble letter has been dropped upon me.”

[Naml 27:30] “Indeed it is from Sulaiman, and it is (begins) with ‘Allah - in the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.’ ”

[Naml 27:31] “That ‘Do not wish eminence above me, and present yourselves humbly to me, with submission.’ ”

Section 3

[Naml 27:32] She said, “O chieftains, advise me in this matter of mine; I do not give a final decision until you are present with me.”

[Naml 27:33] They said, “We possess great strength and are great warriors, and the decision is yours, therefore consider what you will command.”

[Naml 27:34] She said, “Indeed the kings, when they enter a township, destroy it and disgrace its honourable people; and this is what they do.”

[Naml 27:35] “And I shall send a present to them, then see what reply the envoys bring.”