[Shua`ra 26:20] Said Moosa, “I did that at a time when I was unaware of the consequences.” (In anger - See verse 28:15)

[Shua`ra 26:21] “I therefore went away from you as I feared you – so my Lord commanded me and appointed me as one of the Noble Messengers.”

[Shua`ra 26:22] “And is this some great reward for which you express favour upon me – that you have enslaved the Descendants of Israel?”

[Shua`ra 26:23] Said Firaun, “And what is the Lord Of The Creation?

[Shua`ra 26:24] Said Moosa, “Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them; if you believe.”

[Shua`ra 26:25] Said Firaun to those around him, “Are you not listening with attention?”

[Shua`ra 26:26] Said Moosa, “Your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers preceding you.”

[Shua`ra 26:27] Said Firaun, “This (Noble) Messenger of yours, who has been sent towards you, has no intelligence!”

[Shua`ra 26:28] He said, “The Lord of the East and the West and all that is between them; if you have sense.”

[Shua`ra 26:29] Said Firaun, “If you ascribe any one else as a God other than me, I will surely imprison you.”

[Shua`ra 26:30] Said Moosa, “Even if I bring to you something clear?”

[Shua`ra 26:31] Said Firaun, “Then bring it, if you are of the truthful.”

[Shua`ra 26:32] So Moosa put down his staff and it became a visible serpent.

[Shua`ra 26:33] And he drew forth his hand, thereupon it shone bright before the beholders.

Section 3

[Shua`ra 26:34] Said Firaun to the court members around him, “He is indeed an expert magician.”

[Shua`ra 26:35] “He wishes to expel you out of your land by his magic; so what is your advice?”

[Shua`ra 26:36] They said, “Stop him and his brother, and send gatherers to the cities.”

[Shua`ra 26:37] “To bring to you every expert great magician.”

[Shua`ra 26:38] So the magicians were gathered at a set time on a day appointed.

[Shua`ra 26:39] And it was said to the people, “Have you (also) gathered?”