Section 3

[Furqan 25:21] And those who do not expect to meet Us said, “Why were the angels not sent down to us or we been able to see our Lord?” Indeed they thought too highly of themselves and they turned extremely rebellious.

[Furqan 25:22] The day when they will see the angels - that day will not be of any happiness for the guilty - and they will cry, “O God, erect a barrier between us and them!”

[Furqan 25:23] And We turned all the deeds they had performed into scattered floating specks of dust.

[Furqan 25:24] And for the People of the Garden on that day is a better destination and account, and a better place of afternoon rest.

[Furqan 25:25] And the day when the sky will be split asunder with clouds and the angels will be sent down in full.

[Furqan 25:26] The true kingship on that day belongs to the Most Gracious; and that is hard for the disbelievers.

[Furqan 25:27] And the day when the unjust will gnaw his hands, saying, “Alas, if only I had chosen a way along with the (Noble) Messenger (of Allah)!”

[Furqan 25:28] “Woe to me – alas, if only I had not taken that one for a friend.”

[Furqan 25:29] “He indeed led me astray from the advice that had come to me”; and Satan deserts man, leaving him unaided.

[Furqan 25:30] And the Noble Messenger submitted, “O my Lord - indeed my people took this Qur’an as worthy of being abandoned.”

[Furqan 25:31] And this is how We had appointed guilty people as enemies to every Prophet; and Allah is Sufficient, to guide and to aid.

[Furqan 25:32] And the disbelievers say, “Why was the Qur’an not sent down to him all at once?” This is how We sent it in stages, in order to strengthen your heart with it and We read it slowly, in stages.