[Mominun 23:90] In fact We brought the Truth to them, and indeed they are liars.

[Mominun 23:91] Allah has not chosen any child, nor any other God along with Him were it so, each God would have taken away its creation, and each one would certainly wish superiority over the other; Purity is to Allah above all the matters they fabricate.

[Mominun 23:92] The All Knowing, of every hidden and the visible so Supremacy is to Him over their ascribing of partners (to Him).

Section 6

[Mominun 23:93] Pray, "My Lord! If You show me the promise they are given,"

[Mominun 23:94] "Therefore my Lord, do not group me with the unjust."

[Mominun 23:95] And indeed We are Able to show you the promise they are given.

[Mominun 23:96] Repel evil with the best deeds; We well know the matters that they fabricate.

[Mominun 23:97] And submit, "My Lord! I seek Your refuge from the instigation of the devils."

[Mominun 23:98] "And my Lord, (I seek) Your refuge from their coming to me."

[Mominun 23:99] Until, when death comes to one* of them, he says, "O my Lord, send me back!" (The disbelievers)

[Mominun 23:100] "Perhaps I may do some good deeds in what I have left behind"; this is just a word that he utters from his mouth; and confronting them is a barrier until the day in which they will be raised.

[Mominun 23:101] So when the Trumpet is blown - so there will neither be any relationship among them * that day, nor will they ask about one another. (The disbelievers)

[Mominun 23:102] Therefore the ones whose scales prove heavy - they are the successful.

[Mominun 23:103] And the ones whose scales prove light it is they who put their lives into ruin, remaining in hell forever.

[Mominun 23:104] The fire shall scorch their faces, and they will remain dejected in it.