[Mominun 23:60] And those who give what they give and their hearts fear for they have to return to their Lord.

[Mominun 23:61] These people hasten to perform goodness, and it is they who shall reach it first.

[Mominun 23:62] And We do not burden any soul beyond its capacity, and with Us is a Book * that speaks the truth, and they will not be wronged. (* The preserved tablet or the record of one’s deeds.)

[Mominun 23:63] On the contrary, their hearts are in neglect of this and their works are different than those of the believers, the works that they are doing.

[Mominun 23:64] To the extent that when We seized the wealthy among them with punishment, they immediately began imploring.

[Mominun 23:65] "Do not implore this day; you will not be helped by Us."

[Mominun 23:66] "My verses were recited to you, so you used to turn back on your heels."

[Mominun 23:67] "Priding yourself in serving the Sacred Mosque; at night you utter indecent stories in it, while discarding the truth."

[Mominun 23:68] Have they not pondered the matter, or did that come to them, which did not come to their forefathers?

[Mominun 23:69] Or is it that they did not recognise their Noble Messenger, therefore they consider him alien?

[Mominun 23:70] Or they say, "He is afflicted by a demon"; in fact he brought the Truth to them, and most of them dislike the Truth.

[Mominun 23:71] And had the Truth followed their desires, then indeed the heavens and the earth and all those who are in them would be destroyed; in fact We brought to them a thing in which lay their repute, so they are turned away from their own repute.

[Mominun 23:72] Do you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) ask any fee from them? So the reward of your Lord is the best; and He is the Best Provider of Sustenance.

[Mominun 23:73] And indeed you call them to the Straight Path.

[Mominun 23:74] And indeed those who do not believe in the Hereafter are deviated from the Straight Path.