[Ambiya 21:58] He shattered them all, except the biggest among them, that perhaps they may question it.

[Ambiya 21:59] They said, "Who has done this to our Gods? He is indeed cruel!"

[Ambiya 21:60] Some among them said, "We heard a youth speak ill of them - the one called Ibrahim."

[Ambiya 21:61] They said, "Therefore bring him in front of the people, perhaps they may testify."

[Ambiya 21:62] They said, "Did you do this to our Gods, O Ibrahim?"

[Ambiya 21:63] Said he, "Rather, their chief may have done it; so question them, if they can speak."

[Ambiya 21:64] So they turned towards their own selves and (inwardly) said, "Indeed you yourselves are unjust."

[Ambiya 21:65] Again they were inverted upon their heads; saying, "You know well that these do not speak."

[Ambiya 21:66] He said, "What! You worship, instead of Allah, one that neither benefits you nor harms you?"

[Ambiya 21:67] "Disgrace be upon you and all the idols whom you worship instead of Allah; so do you not have sense?"

[Ambiya 21:68] They said, "Burn him and help your Gods, if you want to."

[Ambiya 21:69] We said, "O fire, become cool and peaceful upon Ibrahim."

[Ambiya 21:70] And they wished to cause him harm, so We made them the greatest of losers.

[Ambiya 21:71] And We rescued him and Lut towards the land which We have blessed for the entire world.

[Ambiya 21:72] And We bestowed him Ishaq, and Yaqub the grandson; and We made all of them worthy of Our proximity.