[Ambiya 21:36] And when the disbelievers see you, they do not appoint you except as an object of mockery; "Is he the one who speaks ill of your Gods?"; whereas they deny the remembrance of the Most Gracious Himself!

[Ambiya 21:37] Man has been created hasty; very soon I shall show you My signs, do not be impatient.

[Ambiya 21:38] And they say, "When will this promise occur, if you are truthful?

[Ambiya 21:39] If only the disbelievers realised the time when they will not be able to stop the fire from their faces and from their backs - and nor are they to be helped.

[Ambiya 21:40] In fact it will suddenly come upon them, therefore shocking them, and they will not be able to repel it nor will they be given respite.

[Ambiya 21:41] And indeed the Noble Messengers before you were mocked at, but their mockery ruined the mockers themselves.


Section 4

[Ambiya 21:42] Proclaim, "Who guards you night and day from the Most Gracious?" In fact they have turned away from the remembrance of their Lord.

[Ambiya 21:43] Do they have some Gods who protect them from Us? Neither can they save themselves nor save their friends from Us.

[Ambiya 21:44] But in fact We have given these (disbelievers) and their fathers a benefit to the extent that life became long for them; so do they not see that We are reducing the land from its borders? So will these be victorious?