[Ta-Ha 20:88] He therefore made a calf for them - a lifeless body, making sounds like a cow - so they said, "This is your God and the God of Moosa; whereas Moosa has forgotten."

[Ta-Ha 20:89] So do they not see that it does not answer to any of their speech? And has no power to cause them any harm or benefit?

Section 5

[Ta-Ha 20:90] And undoubtedly Haroon had told them before it that, "O my people - you have needlessly fallen into trial because of this; and indeed your Lord is the Most Gracious, therefore follow me and obey my command."

[Ta-Ha 20:91] They said, "We will continue to squat * before it, till Moosa returns to us." (* Continue worshipping it.)

[Ta-Ha 20:92] Said Moosa, "O Haroon - what prevented you when you saw them going astray?"

[Ta-Ha 20:93] "That you did not come after me? So did you disobey my order?"

[Ta-Ha 20:94] He said, "O son of my mother, do not clutch my beard nor the hair on my head; I feared that you may say, ‘You have caused a division among the Descendants of Israel and did not wait for my advice.’ "

[Ta-Ha 20:95] Said Moosa, "And what is your explanation, O Samri?"

[Ta-Ha 20:96] He said, "I witnessed what the people did not witness – I therefore took a handful from the tracks * of the angel, then threw it ** - and this is what seemed pleasing to my soul." (* The marks left behind by the mount of Angel Jibreel. ** Into the mouth of the calf.)

[Ta-Ha 20:97] Said Moosa, "Therefore go away, for in this life your punishment is that you exclaim ‘Do not touch!’* And indeed for you is a time appointed, which you cannot break; and look at your deity, in front of which you remained squatting the whole day; we swear we will surely burn it and, smashing it into bits, discharge it into the river." (* He was cursed with a disease.)

[Ta-Ha 20:98] "Your God is only Allah - other than for Whom there is no worship; His knowledge encompasses all things."