[Ta-Ha 20:13] "And I have chosen you, therefore listen carefully to what is divinely revealed to you."

[Ta-Ha 20:14] "Indeed it is Me, Allah - there is no God except I - therefore worship Me and keep the prayer established for My remembrance."

[Ta-Ha 20:15] "The Last Day will surely come - it was close that I hide it from all - in order that every soul may get the reward of its effort." (He revealed it to His Prophets, so that people may fear and get ready. The exact time is not revealed to the people.)

[Ta-Ha 20:16] "Therefore never let one, who does not accept faith in it and follows his own desires, prevent you from accepting this, so then you become ruined."

[Ta-Ha 20:17] "And what is this in your right hand, O Moosa?"

[Ta-Ha 20:18] He said, "This is my staff; I support myself on it, and I knock down leaves for my sheep with it, and there are other uses for me in it."

[Ta-Ha 20:19] He said, "Put it down, O Moosa!

[Ta-Ha 20:20] So Moosa put it down - thereupon it became a fast moving serpent.

[Ta-Ha 20:21] He said, "Pick it up and do not fear; We shall restore it to its former state."

[Ta-Ha 20:22] "And put your hand inside your armpit - it will come out shining white, not due to any illness - one more sign."

[Ta-Ha 20:23] "In order that We may show you Our great signs."

[Ta-Ha 20:24] "Go to Firaun, he has rebelled."

[Ta-Ha 20:25] Said Moosa, "My Lord, open up my breast for me."

Section 2

[Ta-Ha 20:26] "And make my task easy for me."

[Ta-Ha 20:27] "And untie the knot of my tongue."

[Ta-Ha 20:28] "In order that they may understand my speech."

[Ta-Ha 20:29] "And appoint for me a viceroy from among my family."

[Ta-Ha 20:30] "That is Haroon, my brother."

[Ta-Ha 20:31] "Back me up with him."

[Ta-Ha 20:32] "And make him a partner in my task."

[Ta-Ha 20:33] "In order that we may profusely proclaim Your Purity."

[Ta-Ha 20:34] "And profusely remember You."

[Ta-Ha 20:35] "Indeed You see us."

[Ta-Ha 20:36] He said, "O Moosa, you have been granted your prayer."

[Ta-Ha 20:37] "And indeed We had bestowed upon you a favour one more time."