[Maryam 19:39] And warn them of the Day of Regret when the matter will have been decided; and they are in neglect, and they do not accept faith.

[Maryam 19:40] Indeed We shall inherit the earth and all that is on it, and only towards Us will they return.

Section 3

[Maryam 19:41] And remember Ibrahim in the Book; he was very truthful, a Herald of the Hidden (a Prophet).

[Maryam 19:42] When he said to his father, * "O my father - why do you worship one which neither hears nor sees, and cannot benefit you in any way?" (* His uncle Azar.)

[Maryam 19:43] "O my father, indeed a knowledge has come to me which did not come to you - therefore follow me, I will show you the Straight Path."

[Maryam 19:44] "O my father, do not be a bondman of the devil; indeed the devil is disobedient towards the Most Gracious."

[Maryam 19:45] "O my father, I fear that a punishment from the Most Gracious may reach you, so you would become a companion of the devil."

[Maryam 19:46] He said, "What! You turn away from my Gods, O Ibrahim? If you do not desist, I will certainly stone you, and keep no relation with me for a long while."

[Maryam 19:47] He said, “Stop it - peace be upon you; I shall seek forgiveness for you from my Lord; indeed He is very kind to me.”

[Maryam 19:48] "And I shall remain separated from you and all that you worship other than Allah and shall worship my Lord; possibly, by worshipping my Lord, I will not be amongst the unfortunate.”

[Maryam 19:49] So when he had separated from them and what they worshipped other than Allah, We bestowed him Ishaq and Yaqub; and We made each of them a Herald of the Hidden.

[Maryam 19:50] And We gave them Our mercy, and assigned for them a true and high repute.

Section 4

[Maryam 19:51] And remember Moosa in the Book; he was indeed a chosen one, and he was a Noble Messenger, a Herald of the Hidden.