[Kahf 18:98] He said, "This is the mercy of my Lord; then when the promise of my Lord arrives, He will blow it to bits; and my Lord’s promise is true."

[Kahf 18:99] And on that day We shall release them in groups surging like waves one after another, and the Trumpet will be blown – so We shall gather them all together. (* Gog and Magog will come out during the time of Eisa (Jesus - when he comes back to earth) and cause great destruction in the land.)

[Kahf 18:100] And We shall bring hell in front of the disbelievers.

[Kahf 18:101] The ones whose eyes were covered from My remembrance, and who could not bear to hear Truth.

Section 12

[Kahf 18:102] Do the disbelievers assume that they will be able to choose My bondmen as supporters other than Me? Indeed We have prepared hell to welcome the disbelievers.

[Kahf 18:103] Say (O dear Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him), "Shall we inform you whose are the most failed works?"

[Kahf 18:104] "Of those whose efforts are lost in (pursuit of) the life of this world, and they think that they are doing good deeds."

[Kahf 18:105] The people who disbelieved in the signs of their Lord and in the meeting with Him, therefore all their deeds are in vain –We shall therefore not establish any weighing for them on the Day of Resurrection.

[Kahf 18:106] This is their reward – hell - because they disbelieved, and made a mockery of My verses and My Noble Messengers.

[Kahf 18:107] Indeed those who believed and did good deeds – their welcome are the Gardens of Paradise.

[Kahf 18:108] They will abide in it for ever, never wanting to shift from it.

[Kahf 18:109] Proclaim, "If the sea became ink for the Words of my Lord, the sea would indeed be used up and the Words of my Lord would never - even if we bring another like it for help."

[Kahf 18:110] Proclaim, "Physically I am a human * like you - my Lord sends divine revelations to me - that your God is only One God; so whoever expects to meet his Lord must perform good deeds and not ascribe anyone as a partner in the worship of his Lord." (* Human but not equal to you, in fact the greatest in spiritual status.)