[Kahf 18:46] Wealth and sons are ornaments of the life of this world; and good deeds that last - their reward is better before your Lord, and are better in respect of hope.

[Kahf 18:47] And the Day when We move the hills and you see the earth flattened plain, and We shall raise all of them together - so not leaving out any one of them.

[Kahf 18:48] And everyone shall be presented before your Lord in rows; "Indeed you have come to Us exactly as We had created you for the first time - in fact you thought that We shall never appoint a promised time for you!"

[Kahf 18:49] And the Book shall be placed - and you will see the guilty dreading what is written in it and saying, "Woe to us - what sort of a Book is this that it has not left out any small sin nor a great one, which it has not included!" And they found all that they did confronting them; and your Lord does not wrong any one.


Section 7

[Kahf 18:50] And recall when We commanded the angels that, "Prostrate before Adam" - so they all prostrated, except Iblis; he was of the jinn, he therefore rebelled against his Lordís command; "What! You choose him and his offspring as your friends instead of Me, whereas they are your enemies?" And what an evil alternative did the unjust get.

[Kahf 18:51] Neither did I make them witness the creations of the heavens and the earth, nor witness their own creation; nor does it befit My Majesty to choose misleaders as aides.

[Kahf 18:52] And the Day when He will proclaim, "Call those partners of Mine whom you had assumed" - so they will call out to them - they will not answer them, and We shall create a field of destruction between them.

[Kahf 18:53] And when the guilty see hell, they will be certain of falling into it, and will find no place to escape from it.