[Kahf 18:21] And this is how We made them known for people to know that the promise of Allah is true and that there is no doubt concerning the Last Day; when the people began disputing among themselves regarding them, they said, "Construct a building over their cave"; their Lord well knows them; those who dominated in this matter said, "We promise we will build a mosque over them."

[Kahf 18:22] So the people will now say, "They are three, their dog is the fourth"; and some will say, "They are five, their dog is the sixth" - just blind guesses; and some will say, "They are seven, and their dog is the eighth"; proclaim (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), "My Lord well knows their number - no one knows them except a few"; therefore do not debate concerning them except what has occurred, and do not ask any of the People of the Book(s) anything concerning them.


Section 4

[Kahf 18:23] And never say about anything that, "I will do this tomorrow."

[Kahf 18:24] Except "If Allah wills"; and remember your Lord when you forget, and say, "It is likely that my Lord will guide me to a more accurate way of virtue than this."

[Kahf 18:25] And they stayed in their Cave for three hundred years and nine more.

[Kahf 18:26] Say, "Allah well knows how long they stayed; for Him only are the hidden of the heavens and the earth; how well He sees and hears! They do not have any supporter besides Him; and He does not associate anyone in His command."

[Kahf 18:27] And recite the Book of your Lord which has been divinely revealed to you; there is none who can change His Words; and you will never find a refuge besides Him.