[Raad 13:35] A description of the Paradise which is promised to the pious; rivers flow beneath it; its fruits are unending, and its shade; this is the reward of those who fear; and the fate of the disbelievers is fire.

[Raad 13:36] And those to whom We gave the Book * rejoice at what is divinely revealed to you **; and of those groups are some who deny parts of it; proclaim, "I am commanded only that I worship Allah and not ascribe any partner to Him; towards Him do I call, and towards Him only I have to return." (* Scholars among the Jews and Christians who accepted faith. ** The Holy Qur’an.)

[Raad 13:37] And similarly We have revealed this as a command in Arabic; and O listener (follower of this Prophet), if you follow their desires after the knowledge having come to you, then you will have neither a supporter nor any saviour against Allah.

Section 6

[Raad 13:38] And indeed We sent Noble Messengers before you, and made wives and children for them; and it is not the task of any Noble Messenger to bring a sign except by Allah’s command; and all promises have a time prescribed.

[Raad 13:39] Allah erases and confirms whatever He wills; and only with Him is the real script.

[Raad 13:40] And whether We show you a promise that is given to them, or call you to Us before it - so in any case, upon you is just the conveyance *, and for Us is the taking of the account. (* Of the message.)

[Raad 13:41] Do they not perceive that We are reducing their dwellings from all directions? And Allah gives the command - there is none that can postpone His command; and He spends no time in taking account.

[Raad 13:42] And indeed those before them had plotted; therefore Allah Himself is the Master of all strategies; He knows all what every soul earns; and soon will the disbelievers realise for whom is the final abode.

[Raad 13:43] The disbelievers say, "You are not a (Noble) Messenger (of Allah)"; proclaim, "Allah is a Sufficient Witness between me and you, and (so is) he who has knowledge of the Book."