[Hud 11:89] "And O my people! May not your opposition to me occasion the coming upon you of the thing similar to what befell the people of Nooh or the people of Hud or the people of Saleh; and the people of Lut are not at all far from you!"

[Hud 11:90] "Ask forgiveness from your Lord and then incline towards Him in repentance; indeed my Lord is Most Merciful, Most Affectionate."

[Hud 11:91] They said, "O Shuaib! We do not understand most of what you say, and indeed we perceive you weak among us; were it not for your relatives, we would have stoned you; and in our sight, you have no respect at all."

[Hud 11:92] He said, “O my people! Is the pressure upon you from my relatives, worth more than Allah? And you put Him* behind your backs; indeed whatever you do is all within my Lord’s control.” (*His command / my preaching.)

 [Hud 11:93] "And O my people! Keep on with your works in your positions, I am doing mine; very soon you will come to know - upon whom comes the punishment that will disgrace him, and who is the liar; and wait - I too am waiting with you."

[Hud 11:94] And when Our command came, We rescued Shuaib and the Muslims who were with him by Our mercy; and the terrible scream seized the unjust - so at morning they remained lying flattened in their homes.

[Hud 11:95] As if they had never lived there; away with the Madyan, just as the Thamud were removed afar!

Section 9

[Hud 11:96] And indeed We sent Moosa with Our revelations and a clear domination.

[Hud 11:97] Towards Firaun and his court members, thereupon they followed the commands of Firaun; and the work of Firaun was not proper.