[Hud 11:46] He said, "O Nooh, he is not of your family; his deeds are most improper; therefore do not ask Me a thing of which you do not have knowledge; I advise you not to be unwise."

[Hud 11:47] He submitted, "My Lord! I seek your refuge from asking you the thing of which I do not have knowledge; and if You do not forgive me and do not have mercy on me, I would then be a loser."

[Hud 11:48] It was said, "O Nooh! Alight from the ship along with peace from Us and the blessings that are upon you and upon some groups that are with you; and some groups are those whom We shall let enjoy this world and then a painful punishment from Us will reach them."

[Hud 11:49] These are the tidings of the hidden, which We reveal to you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him); you did not know them nor did your people, before this; therefore patiently endure; indeed the excellent fate is for the pious.

Section 5

[Hud 11:50] And towards the people of Aad, their fellow man Hud; he said, "O my people! Worship Allah - there is no other True God except Him; you are purely fabricators."

[Hud 11:51] "O my people! I do not ask any fee from you for it; my reward is only upon Him Who has created me; so do you not have sense?"

[Hud 11:52] "And O my people! Seek forgiveness from your Lord, then incline towards Him in repentance - He will send abundant rain from the sky upon you and will give you much more strength than you have - and do not turn away committing crimes!"

[Hud 11:53] They said, "O Hud! You have not come to us with any proof and we will not forsake our deities upon your saying, nor will we believe you."