[Yunus 10:89] He said, "The prayer of you two is accepted, therefore remain firm, and do not follow the way of the unwise."

[Yunus 10:90] And We transported the Descendants of Israel across the sea, therefore Firaun and his army pursued them with rebellion and injustice; until when the drowning overcame him he cried, "I accept faith that there is no True God except the One in Whom the Descendants of Israel believe, and I am a Muslim."

[Yunus 10:91] "What! Now?* Whereas you were disobedient from the start and you were mischievous!" (This was said to Firaun. * Accepting faith at the time of death is of no use.)

[Yunus 10:92] "This day We shall salvage your body so that you may be a sign for those after you; and indeed most people are neglectful of Our signs."

Section 10

[Yunus 10:93] And indeed We provided the Descendants of Israel a place of honour, and bestowed good sustenance to them; and they did not fall into dispute except after the knowledge had come to them; indeed your Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning the matters in which they used to differ.

[Yunus 10:94] And if you, O listener, have any doubt in what We have sent down towards you, then question those who have read the Book before you; undoubtedly, towards you has come the truth from your Lord, therefore do not be of those who doubt.

[Yunus 10:95] And never be of those who denied the signs of Allah, for you will then be of the losers.

[Yunus 10:96] Indeed those for whom the Word of your Lord has proved true, will not believe.

[Yunus 10:97] Even if every sign comes to them, until they witness the painful punishment.