[Ana`am 6:28] In fact it has become clear to them what they used to hide before; and were they to be sent back, they would commit the same which they were forbidden to, and undoubtedly they are liars.

[Ana`am 6:29] And they said, “There is no other life except our life of this world, and we are not to be raised.”

[Ana`am 6:30] And if you see when they are placed before their Lord, He will say, “Is this not real (the truth)? They will say, “Yes - why not, by our Lord!” He will say, “So now taste the punishment - the recompense of your disbelief.”

Section 4

[Ana`am 6:31] Those who denied their meeting with Allah, have indeed failed; to the extent that when the Last Day suddenly came upon them they said, “Woe to us that we failed to believe in it” - and they carry their burdens on their backs; what an evil burden they carry!

[Ana`am 6:32] The life of this world is nothing except a pastime and sport; and undoubtedly the abode of the Hereafter is better for the pious; so do you not have sense?

[Ana`am 6:33] We know well that their statement grieves you - so they do not deny you (Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) but in fact the unjust deny the signs of Allah.

[Ana`am 6:34] And indeed Noble Messengers have been denied before you, so they patiently bore the denial and torture till Our help reached them; and there is none to alter the decisions of Allah; and the news of the Noble Messengers have already reached you.

[Ana`am 6:35] And if their turning away has grieved you, then if you can, seek a tunnel into the earth or a ladder into the sky to bring a sign for them; and if Allah willed, He could have brought them all together upon guidance, so O listener (followers of this Prophet) do not ever be of the ignorant.