[Baqarah 2:120] And never will the Jews or the Christians be pleased with you, until you follow their religion; say, "The guidance of Allah only is the (true) guidance"; and were you (the followers of this Prophet) to follow their desires after the knowledge has come to you, you would then not have a protector or aide against Allah.

[Baqarah 2:121] Those to whom We have given the Book, read it in the manner it should be read; it is they who believe in it; and those who deny it - it is they who are the losers.


Section 15

[Baqarah 2:122] O Descendants of Israel! Remember the favour of Mine which I bestowed upon you and made you superior to all others of your time. (By sending Noble Messengers among you).

[Baqarah 2:123] And fear the day when no soul will be exchanged for another, nor will they be set free in lieu of compensation, nor will any intercession benefit the disbelievers, nor will they be helped.

[Baqarah 2:124] And (remember) when Ibrahim’s (Abraham’s) Lord tested him in some matters and he fulfilled them; He said, "I am going to appoint you as a leader for mankind"; invoked Ibrahim, "And of my offspring"; He said, "My covenant does not include the unjust (wrong-doers)."

[Baqarah 2:125] And remember when We made this House (at Makkah) a recourse for mankind and a sanctuary; and take the place where Ibrahim stood, as your place of prayer; and We imposed a duty upon Ibrahim and Ismail (Ishmael), to fully purify My house for those who go around it, and those who stay in it (for worship), and those who bow down and prostrate themselves.

[Baqarah 2:126] And (remember) when Ibrahim prayed, "My Lord! Make this city a place of security and bestow upon its people various fruits as providence - for those among them who believe in Allah and the Last Day (of Resurrection)"; He answered, "And whoever disbelieves, I shall provide him also some subsistence and then compel him towards the punishment of fire (hell); and that is a wretched place to return."